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Submitted by mudsterus on Tue, 03/13/2018 - 16:25.

Simply the Best iPad Yet. 10.5-inch model in rose gold with detachable keypad and pencil. I originally didn't think I would use the keypad much; however, it comes in very handy when writing for long periods of time. I got the pencil and use the NeBu app to write with my active pen for notes and diary entries but i found that my hand gets tired more easily than I expected.

I use the iPAD a lot for reading and as it is WiFi only I am not constantly interrupted when reading away from a WiFi network. I have loaded virtually hundreds of eBooks from a great source called BookBub that is free. The other app I use also is called Good Reads to to keep track of all my books and my progress. The local Chester county Library also has an app called Overdrive so I can reserve and download digital library books.

This has been the bet iPad yet and my wife loves the iPAD Air I passed along to her.

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