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Macintosh Users of Delaware site now offers a local forum in addition to the M.U.D.List in Yahoo eGroups. This forum is to be used to ask questions that can be seen by other members of the group, talk about Macintosh and Apple related hardware and software, and find out current info about meeting topics, changes, and breaking news.

Forum Guidelines:

  • This forum is a service to MUD members. You must create and account to post messages and take part in discussions.

  • Messages should primarily be text only. Please try to keep the length of text messages as short as possible.

  • Messages sent to the list should pertain to Macintosh computers and MUD related business. Any off-topic messages will be deleted and forum moderator reserves the right to withdraw posting privilidges.

  • No messages soliciting retail sales or advertising for goods or services will be allowed without first clearing the message with the list moderator. Messages from members looking to sell personally-owned hardware and software are acceptable.

  • At no time will obscenity, flamewars, or chain letters be tolerated in the forum! The forum moderator reserves the right to immediately revoke, without warning, forum privileges to anyone posting such messages.
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by Bill
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