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SkylinkNet Alarm System Starter Kit Plus review: Built by techies, for techies

MacWorld - 1 hour 41 min ago
It’s short on handholding, but SkylinkNet’s SK-250 kit is a good-enough security offering (though not recommended for beginners).

Yes, eGPUs boost Mac game performance, but limitations abound

MacWorld - 1 hour 41 min ago

Folks with more coding knowledge than I have (and a greater willingness to potentially brick a $2,400 machine) have been hooking up external graphics cards to Macs for years, but the support now come bundled into macOS 10.13.4 High Sierra. In layman’s terms, Apple officially supports some graphics cards that you’d normally only find in a bulky PC tower—so long as you have a separate external chassis to stick them in and a Mac with Thunderbolt 3.

I hoped eGPU support would be revolutionary. Beyond that, I hoped it’d allow me to break with PCs entirely, as I really only use them for gaming these days. Anyone who watches Apple Arcade knows I’ve been a little frustrated with the current state of Mac gaming, and an external graphics card struck me as an easy way to circumvent the limitations of Apple’s built-in processors.

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Astell&Kern Kann review: This high-resolution digital audio player delivers sweet sound, but with a steep price tag

MacWorld - 2 hours 41 min ago
An intoxicating sonic experience from a hi-res audio player that's as heavy as it is expensive.

Apple’s new model: Please subscribe

MacWorld - 2 hours 41 min ago

Over the past year or so, Apple’s spent a lot of time talking up its Services division—which includes not only Apple Music, but also the likes of iCloud, the iTunes Store, and Apple Pay—and for good reason. Analysts have been paying a lot of attention to Apple’s Services, not least of all because it’s shown solid growth, even at times when other segments of Apple’s financial results have been more lackluster.

So you can bet that Apple’s not about to walk away from the services business anytime soon. In fact, if recent reports are any indication, the company is devoting even more effort to the segment, with at least two brand new services in development and the shifting of two of its biggest storefronts to a more subscription-focused angle.

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