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Macintosh Users of Delaware is now happy to offer a mailing list to MUD
members and others possibly interested in joining MUD! Joining the mailing
list will be the best way to stay in touch with other MUD members between
meetings, ask questions that can be seen by other members of the group, talk
about Mac-based items, and find out current info about meeting topics, changes,
and breaking news.

To join the list, simply follow the instructions below. Also, please read
the list guidelines prior to joining. You may also want to read some of the
other list commands that are available for changing how you receive messages
from the list.

Joining the List:

Subscribe to themudlist
Powered by groups.yahoo.com

You may be required to choose an ID and password for Yahoo! and then fillout
some basic information. Since eGroups was purchased by Yahoo! you may need
to follow the steps for converting ID by visiting the MY Preferences selection.
This will require an authorization code that you received from Yahoo!

By joining "themudlist", you will be able to exchange messages
with other group members. Yahoo! Groups also makes it easy to store photos
and files, coordinate events and more.

Once you are a member to start sending messages to members of this group,
simply send email to


If you do not wish to belong to themudlist, you may unsubscribe by sending
an email to


You may also visit the eGroups web site to modify your subscriptions:


Within a few minutes, if you have entered everything correctly, you should
get confirmation of your joining the list. That's all there is to it!


List Guidelines:

  • The mailing list is a service to MUD members. Other people are invited
    to join, but we reserve the right to solicit you to become a member.

  • Messages should primarily be text only. Enclosures are high-bandwidth
    so use the sparingly. Anyone sending messages with very large enclosures will
    be removed from the list. Please try to keep the length of text messages
    as short as possible.

  • Messages sent to the list should pertain to Macintosh computers and MUD
    related business. Any off-topic messages will be given a "yellow card" warning
    by the list moderator and will be asked to take the discussion to private
    e-mail. Anyone persisting in off topic postings after a warning will be
    unsubscribed from the list.

  • No messages soliciting retail sales or advertising for goods or services
    will be allowed without first clearing the message with the list moderator.
    Messages from members looking to sell personally-owned hardware and software
    are acceptable.

  • At no time will obscenity, flamewars, or chain letters
    be tolerated on the list! The list moderator reserves the right to immediately
    revoke, without warning,
    list privileges to anyone posting such
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